Map of GDPR Adequate Countries

Personal Data can flow from the EU to an adequate country without any further safeguard being necessary.

Adequacy statuses

EU/EEA Adequate Countries Not-Adequate Countries Complex Relationship

Not all privacy laws are created equal.

Since the adoption of GDPR regulations in the EU, many have struggled to understand the complex ramifications of these regulations, particularly when doing business, or transferring data with entities outside the EU.

When we tried finding a single place that elaborated on non EU privacy regulations, we could not find it. So we created this resource site.

This resource attempts to demystify the complex interactions between EU and non EU jurisdictions. We gathered an exhaustive list of privacy regulations and laws from around the world and how they stack up against GDPR.

Although we made every effort to ensure accuracy of the information presented, we do not make any warranties as to its veracity nor does it constitute legal advice.

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